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... environmentally friendly printing and social responsibility. We face your questions:
BlueGreenPrint - Many components under one good name.

Many labels fight for a good name in the print and media market. Rules, standards and principles respectively cover individual areas. However, BlueGreenPrint is the first brand to bundle many spectra of sustainable production under one name.

BlueGreenPrint is a trademark for sustainable, ecological and social printing.

BlueGreenPrint - This is how the future prints.

BlueGreenPrint takes environmental protection seriously. This is why the ultra-modern printing machines in the print shop are also operated with green electricity. Wind, sun and water get them moving. The printing inks used are based on soybean oil and not on mineral oil. N solvents or chemicals are used in the entire production process. If explicitly required for special print products, they are used as sparingly as possible. Of course BlueGreenPrint also prints climate-neutral.

So that the environment remains clean for our descendants as well.

BlueGreenPrint – Conservation of resources.

The paper used at BlueGreenPrint consists partly of recycled material and partly of exemplary forestry management to spare natural habitats and ecosystems. Thus, BlueGreenPrint sees itself as a modern alternative to the offers of other (online) printing companies, who cannot keep up with the ethical value system and ecological principles BlueGreenPrint advocates. FSC, PEFC, Ökoprofit, climate neutral etc. – all these labels, brands and principles follow a good approach. But it is only when these quality standards are combined under one label with low environmental impact and well thought-out consumption of resources that the true innovational printing of BlueGreenPrint is born.

The "climate pressure" that is imposed on all of us socially is not enough for us:
We do not just want to produce fewer pollutants, but actively contribute to both a healthier environment as well as healthier people.

BlueGreenPrint - good for the environment and good for people.

BlueGreenPrint is clearly different from the other suppliers on the market. Not only do we care for a functioning environment, we also care for people. If the social structure between people and nature is right, the environment can sigh with relief. For this reason, we support projects that create jobs to protect species. For this reason we support species protection projects that create jobs.
Work is the basis for a social safety net. And that's not all: education is a key component of environmental protection and species conservation in practice.

Anyone who understands the coherences in nature,
can actively participate in saving the environment.

BlueGreenPrint - for the sake of our planet.

BlueGreenPrint goes fundamentally different ways. The brand specifically supports carefully selected projects. The decisive factor is that these projects are fully committed to environmental and species protection and at the same time have a social component.
BlueGreenPrint - Transparency is important.

An important aspect within the selection of projects for BlueGreenPrint funding is maximum compliance with our principles. An already existing and broadly based network helps us to maintain transparency. If you choose BlueGreenPrint, you will be a part of this network. You will be regularly informed about the progress and developments of the projects you support by printing with us.

BlueGreenPrint is committed to the exclusive promotion of nature and species protection projects. With BlueGreenPrint you can be sure that your financial commitment will lead to authentic results. Transparency and conscious action are the future.

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