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BlueGreenPrint conflates all applicable environmental standards of the printing and media industry under one name, which makes it an unalterable trademark for sustainable media production. Apart green production, BlueGreenPrint supports important ecological and social projects worldwide.

BlueGreenPrint - this is how it works.

When you choose BlueGreenPrint, you choose sustainable print products.The product/price offered not only takes into account ecological concerns (e.g. CO2 compensation and recycled paper / paper from sustainable forestry), but also makes a contribution to active participation in environmental and species protection. The lump sum consists of the calculation of climate neutrality (the basis is the climate neutral calculator) and a fixed percentage. Depending on the product, the percentage is usually 2 - 4 percent of the total net price of the offer.
This additional money is deducted from a minimum amount of administrative costs for CO2 compensation and is passed on to the selected species protection projects.
This way your money arrives where it is needed: e.g. with the Ugandan mountain gorillas or Namibian cheetahs. And of course also to the people who take care of the conservation of these fascinating animals on site.
Projects that get supported by the bluegreenprint® funds show one thing very clearly: nature conservation always has a social component, because every ecological project creates jobs. With jobs, there comes income. Income satisfies the very personal and social needs. And with that, people gain capacity and empathy, which is fundamental in species and nature conservation. You can only do good, if you yourself feel good.
BlueGreenPrint® therefore stands for environmentally friendly printing and active commitment to nature, climate and society in one!
New values – the commitment and support of so-called "face to face" projects should change the way many people think and act. If you decide on BlueGreenPrint, then you can and should use the BlueGreenPrint seal for your selected print product for identification. Those who do good should also show it and thus promote the awareness of all.

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With BlueGreenPrint you can be sure that your financial commitment will lead to authentic results. Transparency and conscious action are the future.

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