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BlueGreenPrint conflates all applicable environmental standards of the printing and media industry under one name, which makes it an unalterable trademark for sustainable media production. Apart green production, BlueGreenPrint supports important ecological and social projects worldwide.

… show your colours with BlueGreenPrint and bring movement into environmental protection.

With BlueGreenPrint you enter a new world of ecological and sustainable print and media production and participate in an unprecedented social project. The special unique selling point of BlueGreenPrint is the comprehensive consideration of all work related to media production – from the initial idea to the finished product. In the end, all parties involved benefit from using the BlueGreenPrint trademark and thus support important nature and species conservation projects.

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BlueGreenPrint – a label for the future

Two colors form the basis of the BlueGreenPrint logo. Blue and green are flowing connections. The human silhouette represents social commitment as the basis for a respectful interaction with people. The blue planet earth is inextricably linked to humans, species and nature, represented by the gorilla silhouette. The symbiosis of these two fundamental beliefs yields the green-blue centre, from which all life emanates: Social commitment to foster a healthy community that is inseparably connected to our planet's species and Mother Nature. Our planet can only be preserved for mankind if mankind treats its nature and species with respect. Thus, the BlueGreenPrint logo pictures our firm conviction that man, planet and nature form an indispensible and live-giving unity that must be protected and preserved by all means.

MONDBERGE – Species Conservation Calendar 2023

For the ninth time, the TiPP 4 publishing house from Rheinbach publishes together with the printing company druckpartner from Essen a large-format and visually stunning species protection wall calendar, which has already been awarded several times with renowned prizes. Good quality pays off – especially for the endangered animal species of our world. Just from the sale of the first five editions of this calendar, over 70,000 € have already been donated to nature and species protection projects. In 2015 and 2016, the always strictly limited editions were sold out.

Here you can download the current press release!

TelePizza uses BlueGreenPrint

TelePizza is the first customer to fully rely on BlueGreenPrint. Together with BlueGreenPrint, TelePizza has developed a recyclable salad packaging made of cardboard on recycled paper. Packaging in the food home delivery sector could not be more sustainable. By using this packaging, Telepizza actively supports BlueGreenPrint projects.

With BlueGreenPrint you are on the right path to a green future.
BlueGreenPrint is a guarantor for high commitment to nature and climate protection.
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The BlueGreenPrint brand is supported and accompanied by the actor, documentary filmmaker and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke
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